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It’s time to ask bigger questions.

Whew. Did you finish it? I’ll admit, the 15,000-word chronology of the rise and fall (and rise again) of a painfully ordinary man was a bit much. Of course, just like many season finales, it was outsized yet tied up most of the loose ends. But not all of them.

There are still new things worth exploring, and bigger questions worth asking — we’ll lay the groundwork here, since it’s a bit of a pivot from what you’re used to. Here’s a list of topics you can expect to hear a lot from me about in the coming year. My goal is to research them exhaustively, write about them candidly, and try to give shade and texture to them that hopefully add to the discourse rather than detract from it.

Before We Begin: The Big Picture

People, largely through no fault of their own, lack the ability to comprehend systems and the evolution of those systems on a macro level. What do I mean by “macro level?” I mean across time, geography and culture. In order to understand things like Colorado’s Green Rush, it helps to understand things like the quantum mechanics of change, the origins of white supremacy, the 21st Century opioid epidemic and so on. My eighth-grade physics teacher drilled into our heads when referring to Force, “Everything Is Connected To Everything Else.” I hope to help you better understand those connections. Here’s some of the disciplines we’ll be diving into in Season 2.

How Whole Societies Function

I’ve posited before that society should not be zero sum. But is it? We’ll ask if Egalitarianism or wealth redistribution could ever work in the United States. It’s also worth asking if the world is better off without humans on it, and if human life is worth valuing disproportionately relative to other longer-term inhabitants of this planet.

Speaking of disproportionate: We should probably address income inequality — how it works, how it happens, the systemic reasons why it keeps getting worse — plus the many inextricable, entangled elements of privilege, so we can understand how they work, and why they make people who benefit from them uncomfortable when it’s suggested to them that they do. (Hint: It’s not because [all] they’re bad people.) We’ll even unpack the origins of white supremacy.

We’ll explore why performative woke-ness is slowly making things worse, how change really happens, why progressivism takes longer than you probably want it to, and openly wonder if Millennials have what it takes to save the world, or if they’re too gaslit and traumatized to do an effective job of it, and those plucky upstarts in Gen-Z will be required to usurp them, since they appear to possess some built-in firmware advancements they have that Millennials only got during a software upgrade. Speaking of: We’ll disclose how inter generational trauma polarizes societies and lowers class mobility (as well as contributes on a micro level to mental health challenges). We’ll also talk about how to (hopefully!) enact real change on a societal level by starting small.

How To Be A Better Human

We’ll explore ego death, and if it’s absolutely critical to kill the self in order to fully appreciate life and inhabit your human form. We’ll further ask what the crucial components to a well-lived life really are, if they’re possible in your lifetime, and the root of being “extra” and why that isn’t necessarily the same as being “more.” We’ll conquer desire and fear together in two separate pieces. We’ll even learn the art of letting go and if true forgiveness is even possible.

Are you aching? We’ll outline how to struggle well. We’ll talk about how depression happens and how it goes away … and if it’s possible to get rid of it for good. We’ll also talk about the two inescapable prisons of humanity and how they fuel what we do and how we connect to others, how to tell your friends (politely) when they’re being an asshole, how to keep a healthy relationship between you and your family by keeping a healthy distance, and even outline how to be okay with being alone.

Perhaps you’re feeling just a little off-center? We’ll talk about congruence. And the fluidity of the self. And how to say no when you don’t really want to. Or maybe you just need five minutes to change your life.

We’ll unpack the elements of true excellence: what it looks like and how it presents itself. We’ll open the gateway to mastering almost anything, and also talk about the power of processes. We’ll talk about how to earn the respect and admiration of others, how to find the people who make you happiest, and how to feel like you’re getting what you deserve. I’ll show you the four keys to a meaningful life, and the four truths of all lives.

Maybe you see suffering and want to do something about it? We’ll talk about the greatest gift you can give someone, and we’ll talk about allyship. If it’s possible to truly be or identify as one, if it’s something worth taking credit for, and how to be the best approximation of an ally as possible. We’ll talk about how to be a lighthouse, how to be a light, and how to be a mirror when you can’t shine any more.

On a more mundane level than that: We’re going to talk about pizza. We’re going to learn how to cook damn near anything without a recipe, the proper way to listen to music, and how to develop a palette for various forms of alcohol that’ll help you enjoy socially drinking more than you already do. We’ll even talk about how drugs: Which ones to do, in what forms, how much, where, and why.

We’ll unleash your inner rebel and teach you how to sneak into places, show up where you don’t belong, stalk people without being creepy (with a purpose!), and stand out without being (too) weird.

How To Find Love (And Hopefully Keep It)

You probably want to know how to attract other humans. I’ll share the secrets of two people who’ve consensually slept with a combined 500 people between them. We’ll explore sexual chemistry and the forces behind human attraction, and how not to napalm a budding romance once you establish one.

To keep it going, we’ll talk about how to truly listen to others and understand the mechanisms behind empathy. We’ll explore how to be worthy of love without using the trigger words “self-love.” We’ll go over the surprising aphrodisiac that is … establishing clear boundaries.

And, after you’ve been in a relationship for a while, we’ll go over how to act when your partner inevitably stops responding to things they used to respond to (it’ll happen, trust me), and how to avoid the trap of codependency.

And, when the soul-crushing disappointment of either death or breakup happens, we’ll talk about how to get over your ex.

Odds And Ends

We’ll discuss what to do when you come to the realization that you won’t be able to do everything you ever wanted. (You’ll come to it soon enough.) I’ll tell you the epic story of the hardest I ever fell in love. (Hint: It wasn’t last time.) I’ll even give you the story of a random woman who left an indelible mark on me from four different cities in just six months. We will talk about the United States’ greatest export. We’ll count down the 21 Best Albums of the 21st Century in greater detail, and establish the Mount Rushmore of American Music. And we’ll talk about why less is more, why humans are like icebergs, and why personal brands are overrated. I’ll also talk about why running slower helped me become a better person. A slightly better person. Okay, honestly, just happier with being a mediocre person.

I don’t have a lot of time left, and neither do you. The time is now to take big swings. The best we can do is ask ourselves what we’re capable of, what we’re willing to understand, and if we can find peace in not having all the answers, even if we try like hell to find as many answers as possible. That’s what I’m working on next. Let’s get it popping.

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