The 3 Most Important Truths in Life

Here’s what matters.

John Gorman


Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Let’s cut the shit. Life’s short. At my age, I’ve probably only got another 10 World Cups left at most before they scatter my ashes over Niagara Falls.

You may not have much longer. I don’t say this to depress you — I say this to resurrect the most overpraised quote in the history of the English language — Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? — and browbeat it back into the Earth’s mantle where it belongs.

If you’re reading this, congrats! You’re probably doing okay.

Say “thank you” for:

  • Indoor plumbing
  • 24x7 access to electricity
  • A paycheck
  • A full stomach
  • All your senses and faculties.

Not everyone has all the above. Someday you won’t, either.

Now, it’s time to assess your priorities. What matters? What’s worth worrying about? What’s worth doing? How do we maximize a finite set of time, attention, and energy?

Glad you asked. I don’t claim to have the answer, but I’ve got three answers.

There’s a saying I like to use in my professional life: Your inbox is not your to-do list. I didn’t come up with it; I’m not…



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