Thanks, Annie!

I absolutely despise pieces like this: “How To Become A Success Like Me if You Only Do These Nine Things Daily.” For numerous reasons:

  1. Because they’re very often written by a specific type of person — a type of snake-oil salesman who thinks they’ve figured out the key to success without recognizing the amount of luck and/or advantages they’ve had on their way to wherever it was they got to, and they’re therefore extrapolating their way to achieving whatever they achieved into a universal tautology for everyone who wants to achieve anything.
  2. They’re often projecting success. I often wonder how successful they feel. They appear to be over-compensating.
  3. They’re so, so, so fucking branded. I’m thinking of one person in particular who writes for this site, but I won’t name them. There’s others, too.
  4. They’re NOT WRITERS. They’re listers. They write like fourth-graders and there’s something separating their work from the work of thousands of others who write the same thing.
  5. They often instruct people to do counterintuitive things that are unnatural from rational humans, or — even worse — they instruct people to do contradictory things within the same post.
  6. They don’t often instruct people to do anything that people don’t already know to do. (i.e. “exercise,” “ask more questions,” “practice every day”, etc)
  7. Within the context of the greater whole, nobody can seem to agree on what works (with one caveat — which I’ll get to)
  8. If you do everything they tell you to do, you’ll find very quickly that you need a 36-hour day.

As an antidote, I once wrote this:

It’s useful, it’s humble, and it turns the genre on its head.

Cheers!! And thanks again!!

Essayist and storyteller on life, liberty and the battle for happiness. Several million served. Words at Human Parts, Forge and PS I Love You. IG: heygorman

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