So I have thoughts about this!

What you’re describing is intellectual humility. “I may be wrong, but in the absence of another way of seeing this, here’s how I see it.” Then someone chimes in and says “here’s how I see it,” and then that can help shape how you see something moving forward.

I often feel like I’m wrong in my writing, and so I caveat everything with varying degrees of qualifiers: “I’m just a straight white American male with all the cheat codes" or “don’t use me as an example, I spent the first 30 years of my life broke, and the next five drunk,” etc.

Here’s the thing, though. Once you acknowledge the limitations of your perspective (show humility), you can write confidently about ANYTHING. Quantum mechanics? Sure. Systemic oppression? You bet. The 14 Sexiest Songs for BDSM? Absolutely. And, with your considerable talent, you can make that shit SING.

If you’re wrong, people may correct you, but they’ll never feel like you wasted their time.

Not that you were looking for my take, but there it is! ♥️

Essayist and storyteller on life, liberty and the battle for happiness. Several million served. Words at Human Parts, Forge and PS I Love You. IG: heygorman

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