Oh, hi, Kris Gage!

This is sublime! I’d like to add one more point inside of your point inside of my point — pointception? — I think sometimes it is possible to be afraid not just of what other people will think, but about the discomfort that comes from changing our own habits. For example: If you’ve ever decided, “Man, minimalism sounds liberating,” and then you go to purge an overflowing closet. You think about the act of cleaning and purging and all the boxes that need to be procured and the time that needs to be spent deciding what should and should not be thrown out, then the actual act of sifting through the carnage and clutter, then the boxing up of what has to go, then the act of taking those boxes to the trash or the car, then to the donation station. And you become stressed. And the thing with that stress, if you sit with it long enough, is it can manifest itself into fear. The fear of the stress that will ensue when you go about undertaking something that seems too large and complex and nebulous to tackle. And then you procrastinate or distract yourself as an avoidance tactic — or, so you think you’re avoiding it — but the fear compounds upon itself, making even taller mountains out of the mountains you’ve already created in your own mind. Though, I think about it, and perhaps there’s some subtle element of caring what other people think, even in this case, if you visualize the negative self-talk that perpetuates this stress or fear as a specific someone else’s voice.

(Not that I’ve ever done this before, or anything. *wink emoji*)

This piece — and all of them, candidly — is really excellent. And thank you for the gracious shout-out. Namaste amiga.

Essayist and storyteller on life, liberty and the battle for happiness. Several million served. Words at Human Parts, Forge and PS I Love You. IG: heygorman

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