My Favorite Writers on Medium: Vol 3

10 writers to watch (err … read) in 2020.

Alright, kittens. A lot of you might think I just use Medium to talk about dystopia, loneliness and ketamine, but I bet a lot of you did not know I do a fair amount of reading on this here platform.

In 2018 and 2019, I profiled a few of my favorite writers on the world’s de facto Netflix of writing. Let’s re-rack the first two installments for your sapiosexual pleasure.

Now we’re back for a third installment. As always, follow these peeps. They’ll make your life suck less and if you’re diligent, the algorithm will bless you with a plethora of even better reading choices.

Check them out, click their names and follow them. 100% money-back guaranteed.

And now, in alphabetical order: 10 new faves worth savoring, along with exemplary samples of their finest yarn-spinning.

Ayodeji Awosika

Top writer in Productivity, Inspiration, Advice, Psychology, Leadership, Life Lessons, Self Improvement, Education, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, Life, Creativity, Writing, Culture. Jesus Fucking Christ, bruh, do you even sleep?

Ayo is a confident, brash, no-nonsense, no-bullshit spewer of dope-ass life advice, and he practices every word he preaches. Shit’s straight gospel, and he unloads banger after banger on the daily. He’s got a book coming out, too.

Brianna Wiest

When I grow up, I want to be as put-together as this roundhouse-to-the-gut, show-the-fuck-up-for-your-life, handle-your-business-and-get-a-grip-on-your-feelings woman. Her entire ethos feels like it’s set on a wraparound porch in a gently wooded pasture, all smiles, curled up in a gripping book, sipping lemonade in an elegant dress as her impeccably coiffed husband chops wood to make the wraparound porch wrap even farther around the house, to fit her gaggle of friends she’s inviting over for a champagne-laced picnic, as she smiles lovingly knowing just how fucking hard she’s winning at life. And she wants you to win that hard. You can feel it in the floorboards of every single one of her crisp, clear columns that aren’t so much a call to action as they are a call to arms.

Felicia C. Sullivan

Branding. Depression. Wu-Tang. Sound like my oeuvre? Surprise, boothang, it’s Felicia’s bread-and-butter. And she’s awesome at it. Acerbic wit. Arcane pop-culture references. Actionable marketing advice. Mental health bangers. The recovering New Yorker is peddling around the desert southwest blessing the mic with every story you wanted to read but didn’t know you wanted to read it. Come for the business and career insights. Stay for the humor that seeps through the cracks in her asides and directly into your veins.

Kay Bolden

Confession. I had no idea Kay wrote when I found out she was co-editing P.S. I Love You. I’m also kind of a goddamned moron. But then I read something she wrote (not the piece linked below, this one is even better) and I was like “jesus fucking christ this woman’s got some chops.” More than chops. These are some dry-aged steaks. Heartfelt and delightful, occasionally poignant or pointed in her criticism of the myriad injustices flying around like mosquitoes on a summer day in the Keys.

Kitty Hannah Eden

The first you’ll notice about Kitty is how prolific she is. She’s constantly got freshness out of the oven. The ex-pat who lives in either Portugal, France, the U.S., or some other undisclosed location, depending on the day, writes missives about social justice, mental health, living abroad, creativity and a whole host of whatever other topic crosses her mind. Here’s the thing: this is all good shit. A lot of folks who post on the regular forego quality for the sake of stuffing your reading list. Not this scribe. Always on point and to the point. And her subtle shade-throwing is delicious, too. At who? Hey, hey. I said “subtle.” I don’t spill secrets. I sweep them back into the jug where they belong.

Nicole Bedford

Fuck yeah. I could read this woman all day. And not just because she drops the words “witchy woo woo” unironically into whatever she feels like. She’s a story-spinner, a raconteur, a wordsmith, a journalist, a sensationalist, and a sensual, spectacular scribe. And if that’s too much alliteration for you, well, she doesn’t do that. That shit is my vibe. I’d pick one in particular, but I wouldn’t do you like that. Here’s her greatest hits. It’s all-killer, no-filler. Self-care. Social justice. Mental health. Trauma. Healing. It’s all here. It’s all great.

Sara K. Runnels

Hi, here’s the most deliciously and relentlessly hilarious writer on the whole platform. She’s so extra, guac up-charges for her. There are few with her gift of punny, funny wordplay. There are none who troll the waters of the dystopian bliss of Millennial existence and all its dating pratfalls, romantic rough-patches, office-life intricacies and god knows what-else. She’s surrealist, supremely gifted, and a total dork. Again, rather than play “favorite roulette,” she’s got a “Best Of” ready-made and ready for you. You’re welcome.

Scott Galloway

Alright, so, confession. Mr Galloway first appeared on my radar when he appeared on a podcast I used to write for (Trailblazers, back in my career at Dell, and yeah I can say the name of the company now that I no longer work there, here, I wrote this entire site and all the sub-pages, for reference) and uttered the immortal sentence, “Apple is Sex.” I was like, who the fuck is this guy? And I’ve been an avid aficionado of his work ever since. Medium’s most breathtakingly pointed and poignant flame-thrower at the absurdist nature of late-capitalism and big tech does this thing in each one of his pieces: he starts with jargon-y inside-baseball aimed squarely at the investment sect, and then he baits-and-switches you into reading vignettes about finding happiness in the most intimate of all moments, with family and friends and in the altruistic pursuits that mark a life well-lived. I’d pay damn good money to sit in on one of his NYU Stern lectures, but in lieu of that, we can all read his razor-sharp deliciousness right here.

(Example, this passage, which is an all-timer):

“In 24 months, FedEx will not exist in its current form. A lack of innovation, and a competitor who can overwhelm enemies with cheap capital and Jedi mind tricks, has featurized one of the great success stories of modern business. The resulting firm, post acquisition of FedEx, will offer an increase in shareholder value, superior customer experience, fewer jobs, less tax revenue, and no paternity leave.

We are barrelling toward a country with 350 million serfs serving 3 million lords. We attempt to pacify the serfs with more powerful phones, bigger TVs, great original scripted television, and Mandalorian action figures delivered to your doorstep within the hour. The delivery guy might be forced to relieve himself in your bushes if not for the cameras his boss installed on every porch.”

Thomas Oppong

Look, very few self-help writers actually leave a lasting impression. I know it. You know it. We all know it. It’s a clusterfuck of bullshit out there masquerading as the keys to the kingdom. Most of it is unmemorable drivel that gets cross-posted from Inc, Fast Company, Forbes, HuffPo, etc, etc. It’s like reading a chat-bot that’s also a yoga instructor. Guess what. Thomas Oppong is decidedly not like that. His pub, “Kaizen Habits,” is a diamond mine of deliciously articulated and surprisingly approachable dissections of behaviors you can take up, right now, to make your life 1% better every goddamned day. Don’t believe me? Take his word for it.


The award for writing prodigy of 2020 goes to this Londonite. She’s 24 and writes with the nuance, maturity, and world-weary cynicism of a woman twice her age. Her impossible breadth of writing topics are all explored with equal aplomb, deftness, beauty and empathy. And the publication she EiC’s … An Injustice! … is a perfect outpost for marginalized communities of every color, creed, gender and all the voices we all-too-often overlook because too many of us are embedded in a straight white american religious male (or, as I call acronym it, The SWARM) echo chamber. ZUVA brings it every plate appearance and knocks shit out of the park. I mean, fuck. Read this: Name a denser, more iconic four-minute read. I’ll wait.

Happy 2020. Stay smart, amigxs.

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