I really admire your transparency here, and I am blown away that I haven’t read something like this from a micro-influencer before. (well … I’ve *written* something like this before, [I always turn down collabs to retain editorial control of my feed, brands don’t pay enough for me to publicly pretend to get excited about them] about how Influencing is essentially capitalism’s logical endpoint, what’s left to monetize after we’ve monetized our personalities?)

What I am curious, and a bit apprehensive about, is to what extent our “follower counts” will determine our hireability, credibility and general opportunity worthiness in the future, in whatever field we decide to enter? It seems like it’s already happening in marketing and journalism, where folks with successful (and highly curated) online presences seem to have an inside track to more traditional jobs, thought-leadership opportunities (speaking engagements, punditry) and venture capital.

Will our feeds become our CV, cover letter, interview, and pitch deck all in one? Are our engagement metrics and audience size our proof points? Is the degree to which we’re optimized for mass consumption the ultimate competitive advantage? These are things I think about. I’m a huge hit at parties.

Fantastic writing. Thanks for putting this out there.

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