Holy fuck. First of all, I, just … thank you. Also, what the fuck with this mentioning me in the same serial as Twain, Hemingway and Churchill. Are you kidding? I’m in awe, grateful, astonished.

That said, life is fucking worth living. Why? Because although I wouldnt choose to be born, I wouldn’t choose to die. You’re brave for struggling, overcoming, breathing. You feel. You’re human. That’s okay.

I want you to know that what youre doing, spilling your guts into your life and work and writing, is going to change the world. Maybe not in ways you can immediately see, but someday you will, and even sooner, someone can feel.

This was gorgeously written, beautifully articulated and felt, and indicative of a soon to come fortuitous journey into a better epoch of your existence. Love and thanks from Austin. Be well.

Essayist and storyteller on life, liberty and the battle for happiness. Several million served. Words at Human Parts, Forge and PS I Love You. IG: heygorman

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