Hey! Thanks for the thought-provoking questions. I’ll try to address your points w/ some data, along with links to their source material for additional context.

“ men are more likely to be internet trolls than women because they show higher levels of narcissism.”

“ men’s rights activists? They’re 98 percent white, 87 percent of them are between the ages of 17 and 20.”

“ Men are much more likely than women to engage in trolling; 30 percent of men have “argued maliciously” with a stranger about an opinion online, while among women the rate is only about 18 percent.”

“ Barrall’s investigation revealed that the majority of offenders in the Higgins matter were white males, 18 to 25, followed by white males, 40 to 50. There were far fewer females. Those demographics align with what various researchers have found: Most trolls are young or middle-aged Caucasian men.”

The reason why I don’t replace certain bugaboos like “toxic masculinity” with words like “jews” or “women” is because “jews” and “women” didn’t create the systems in place that stack the decks against them. The non-US reader base is important because after the US, my top countries of readers are: 2. India, 3. Canada, 4. Mexico, 5. The UK, 6. Nigeria, 7. Brazil.

The majority of my readers are women, a plurality of my male readership are people of color. 99% of the negative comments raging from “i learned nothing” to “did you know pee is stored in the balls?” come from white men.

All this leads me to conclude that negative, abrasive responses to my pieces come from a point of privilege — an emboldened sense of superiority — which was the thesis statement to begin with. Who holds that privilege? White guys.

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