Gormanisms: The Complete Collection

Every great pearl of wisdom I’ve ever come up with. Stored here so in case I die in a fiery crash, they won’t be lost forever.

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On getting what you want:

True cowardice lies not in the fear of losing what you have, but in the fear of losing what you’ve always wanted.

To live your dreams you need to spend some time not dreaming.

Always be happy. Never be satisfied.

There are three types of people in this world: Those who want the ball when it matters most, those who pass the ball when it matters most, and those who drop the ball when it matters most.

Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who sack up and pull lady luck by the hair wherever the journey takes them.

The truest way to make it in this world is by getting as many other people as possible to care that you do so.

There is no valor in comfort.

Never pay your role players like stars. Never shop for a BMW at a Ford dealership. Never give your heart to someone who’ll occasionally make you breakfast and treat sex like a chore. Wake up early. Challenge yourself. Create things that create value. Expand your skill set. Tell your story with style. Be a builder. Be a maker. Spend your life doing amazing things with amazing people.

On loneliness:

If ever you’re feeling sad and alone, you probably are.

On creativity:

Genius is truly just insanity embraced by the mainstream.

The fine line between insanity and genius can be made clear by the answer to one simple question: Can this turn a profit?

Times New Roman in the streets, Wingdings in the sheets.

Art is the cartography of life.

On popularity:

Want to know how to get people to want you? Only come through for them on your terms, but come through spectacularly.

Making people think isn’t as valuable as making people feel.

You don’t need to make people smile to make people happy.

On success:

The difference between succeeding at and perfecting something is the difference between being interested and being committed.

People who abide by the rules rarely accomplish much.

I pity the man who believes numerous, shallow successes add up to one great big achievement. Snacking on shrimp all day doesn’t equal one satisfying, suculent lobster dinner.

You’re never that far away from success. It’s just on the other side of that brick wall.

If you don’t know what you’re shooting at, its better to carry a machine gun than a sniper rifle.

You can earn a reputation from doing things, but you can only earn a legacy from doing things that matter.

The hardest part in life isn’t finding success — it’s about remembering where you put it.

Doing big things does not make you a big person.

Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but a lack of hard work guarantees failure.

On time management:

Only if I had a dollar for every wasted moment could I then afford to waste another.

Your odds of dying in the future never change: 100%

Every step you take, no more and no less, leads you to where you are.

Work efficiently, live completely.

Don’t fight the rabbits. Because, if you fight the rabbits, the bears are going to kill you.

Doing too much gets in the way of doing enough.

Times can be hard. Times will also be temporary.

Life doesn’t stop when you do. Life can stop if you don’t.

On confidence:

Why walk down the street when you can throw yourself a parade?

On fun:

Anyone who tells you, “Enjoy your life now, while you’re young” obviously never did. Anyone who tells you, “You need to think about getting your shit together” obviously spent their youth listening to the advice from that first group.

“One day, you’ll look back and laugh.” — Someone who never took the initiative to look back and laugh right now.

On silence:

He who yells the loudest loses his voice.

On maturity:

By the end of your 20s, you will become exactly the person you never wished to be at the beginning of them. Worse yet, you’ll be perfectly OK with this.

At 18, you HAD TO go to the bars with the lines out the door and the beyond fire-hazard capacity occupancy. At 28, you prefer it if it’s you, your best friends and the bartender. Everyone else is an asshole.

On perspective:

The internet has made sharing important moments with people very easy. It’s also made discerning other people’s truly important moments increasingly difficult.

If you don’t miss what you give up, then what you did a disservice to what you had.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing one can do is master the art of finding peace in being ordinary.

The terrorists will always win if they’re willing to die for their beliefs. The civilized world can’t compete with that kind of passion. The playoffs are next week.

We were not put upon this earth to pay the electric bill.

On wisdom:

If you can’t express an original thought, express it in an original way.

The things in life that make for great stories aren’t necessarily the things in life that make for great lives.

When people tell you, “Think for yourself!” They really want you to think more like they would, and less like whoever you currently think like.

On altruism:

You shouldn’t help other people because you believe in a just world where you’re rewarded for what you put in. You should help other people because the world is unjust, and you’re willing to try and rectify that.

Action without thought occasionally makes the world a better place … thought without action absolutely never will.

Do more than make memories, build a legacy.

The greatest things we will ever do in our lives are those things which breathe life into the souls of others.

On neuroses:

Perfectionists have more flaws.

Memory is learned inertia.

Over-thinking often leads to under-action.

Vulnerability takes great courage.

The difference between vulnerability and insecurity is conviction.

On redemption:

Better to be a man with a past than a man with no future.

We are the sum of our stories, but we are not slaves to them.

On love:

Love isn’t like a sugar-sweet love song with its earnest words and heart-tugging melody. Its jazz. Complex, virtuous, atonal, visceral and totally made up as you move through it. And that makes it more interesting.

I would never date a woman who lacked the self-esteem to turn me down in the first place.

All reasonably attractive women with a burning passion for sports are married by age 26. All reasonably attractive men without a burning passion for sports are probably in a commercially unsuccessful art-rock band by the same age.

Altruism, wealth, principle, discipline, ambition, wisdom, talent, accomplishment, accolades. Without love, these are all empty calories.

The minute you change from someone who loves to someone who wants love is the minute you stop deserving love.

You don’t have to lay out your entire heart to have it broken.

On social media:

Twitter — id.
Facebook — ego.
Instagram — superego.

On mindset:

Life isn’t meant to be endured. Life is meant to be embraced.

When the fear of being a fool is stronger than the hope of being a genius, the status quo thrives.

On tacos:

Tacos are the modal jazz of the culinary world.

On money:

Strive to become wealthy by creating value, instead of striving to become valuable by creating wealth.

On self-actualization:

You only find yourself when you’re looking for other things.

We earn our reputation by what we do. We leave our legacy with how we live.

Focus on being great at what you are, not becoming great at what you want to be.

On making the best of bad situations:

If we’re gonna do the wrong thing, let’s at least do it right.

On friendship:

When you think you’re alone, there’s always one more number to call.

Friends make the best friends.

Everyone comes into your life for a reason. That reason isn’t always up to you.

On priorities:

Go where you’re supposed to and you’ll get where you want to go. Go where you want to go and you’ll miss where you’re supposed to be.

Honor what you have and what you want will come.

On quitting:

In Blackjack and in life … never hit on midnight and when it can’t get no better … walk away.

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Essayist and storyteller on life, liberty and the battle for happiness. Several million served. Words at Human Parts, Forge and PS I Love You. IG: heygorman

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